When is the  best time to Trek the Mountain Gorillas?

Mountain Gorillas can be visited all year round, however, the forest trails are more difficult to traverse during the rainy months as they are very slippery and muddy.

When can you see the gorillas in Rwanda?

In Rwanda

, despite the fact that gorillas  can be seen all year round, the drier months are more conducive and these starts in the month of December to the start of March, and then from June to September. The long dry season starts in December with the temperature rising to as high as 29°C all through until the start of March. As March progresses up to mid-May, and then from July to the month of September, the country is receiving rainfall.

When can you see the gorillas in Uganda?

In Uganda,

the busiest season is during the dry months and this is referred to as the peak tourist season, or the High season. It starts in Mid-June all through to early October and then from mid-December to the month of March. The rainy season starts in April until May and then from November to mid-December. To some tourists, this is a favorable time for them as the parks receive less tourists, trekking permits are more available and a number of luxury lodges offer discounted rates.

Well putting the season in the different gorilla destinations aside, your chances of seeing the gorillas will also depend on the availability of the gorilla trekking permits. During the dry season, the permits get sold out months before the trekking date.

In the D.R Congo

, the best time to see gorillas in the Virunga National park is in the dry months from July to September, then from December to February. And although it’s a dry season, the rains can come any time so be prepared. The rainy season starts in the month of October, to November (which is the wettest) and then from March to May.

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