South African Safari

South Africa is known to be a one of the best places to go for a vacation or Safari due to the many destination places that cater for everyone be it young children or old people. South Africa has different races of people that is Asians, blacks, whites and they all live peacefully after the country received her independence. A

safari to South Africa

will take you to a trip down memory lane from the Shaka Zulu moments till the apartheid days.

There are various places that one can visit in South Africa and these include the different National Parks, the Archeological sites, beaches that offer total relaxation, the heritage sites which include the St Lucia wetland National Park and the Robben Island where the late Nelson Mandela was imprisoned during the Apartheid period.

South african safari
This was taken in the early morning, on another early-morning drive with our guide at the Sabora Tented Camp, adjacent to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.\n\nThe mother leopard was trying to hunt, but was also looking after her cub — who was feeling very playful, and had no interest in hunting…\n\nFor more details about the camp, see\n\n***************************\n\nAs I wrote in the notes for my October 2012 safari in South Africa, I have lived most of my adult life without ever venturing into the African jungle, and without participating in the mysterious activity known as “safari.” Thus, my impressions were based on a variety of movies — ranging from Meryl Streep’s glorious Out of Africa (filmed near the starting point of this current trip, at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro) to The African Queen to the silliness of childhood Tarzan movies — as well as photographs and visits to local zoos to see mangy animals who have no more first-hand experience with the continent than I had.\n\nActually, I have made a few visits to Africa over the years — even before that first safari trip a couple years ago. I’m not sure that my two visits to Egypt count in this regard — but I did travel to South Africa in the early 1990s, to speak at computer conferences in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The last visit was made shortly before the release of Nelson Mandela, when the entire country waited for a fundamental transition, even though no one was sure what kind of future lay ahead of them. Hectic travel schedules, the demands of business, and the desire not to leave my family stranded at home any longer than necessary, eliminated the casual thought of spending a week on safari on those early trips … and so, like several other potential trips (Easter Island, Machu Picchu, Patagonia, Antarctica, a river trip on the Amazon, etc.), it was simply added to my “bucket list.”\n\nBut in 2012, I had another opportunity to return to

A safari to the North West province in South Africa

The North West province is locally known as the heritage province and it is one of the smallest provinces in South Africa and is near the border of Botswana. It was created after a merge of the former apartheid homelands of the Western provinces of Transvaal and Bophutswana in 1994.ot is surrounded by the Northern Cape, Gauteng and the Limpopo state.

There are several villages in the area which portray a lot of culture that is practiced in South Africa and you will also get to see the big five and other wild animals that are located in Pilanesberg National Park and Madikwe Game reserve that are in the North West province.

There are grasslands and trees where the animals and birds habitate and a visit to the place will lead you to the two National heritages located in the area that is the Taung Homind fossil and the Vredefort Dome, the home of the cradle of humankind.

There are also several other activities that you can carry out when it comes to visiting the North west provinces and these include hiking, fishing, rock climbing, village walks and many more others.

KwaZulu Natal Safari

The kwaZulu Natal has different states which include the Umhlanga, the Drakensberg Mountain, St Lucia, the Durban and the south coast Midlands. KwaZulu has various game reserves which offer a view of the different animals including the big five and the different Bird species located in the area.

The climatic conditions in the area are very conducive and pleasant making it top destination pr tourists because of the weather. When you visit the KwaZulu Natal, you will be able to see the battlefield where King Zulu and his people fought that is the Anglo- Boer Zulu war that took place 70 years ago. in south Africa.

A safari to Kruger National Park

Kruger National park is the biggest parks in South Africa and it has been ranked as the best wildlife park in the whole of Africa and very many animals can be seen in the park. The largest and famous game Reserve in the country, it’s a home to a number of historical sites like museums and boosts of different animals including the five and You can also enjoy the night game drives, nature walks, go birding, and also get to see the Thulamela and Masorini archeological sites and the paintings that were done by the Bushmen and the best way to enjoy is by visiting the area.

Limpopo province safari

Limpopo province is located in the Northern part of South Africa and it is known for its beautiful scenery offered to tourists. When you visit the Limpopo province you will get to see the Kruger National park, the Venda culture and the Mapungwe National park. Activities that can be carried out when you visit the province include a ride in the hot air balloon, game watching and a good place for those who love archeology, zip lining and you will get to know more about the great River Gorge and the following

  • The Venda people culture

The Venda people are believed to have crossed the Limpopo River many years ago and they settled in South Africa. Venda means pleasant place and this place still has their rich culture and other archeologist findings can be seen in the area. These are believed to have migrated from Zimbabwe into South Africa.

  • The Mapungubwe National park

Mapungubwe National park is a home to various bird species like eagles, animals which include the elephants, cheetahs and it is known to be a National heritage in South Africa. you can enjoy a boat ride on the Limpopo River, relax as you watch the setting sun and get to know the history of South Africa as told by the tour guides about hoe the National Park came about.

Another unique thing about the Mapungubwe Park is that it is one of the few places that has the Nile crocodiles and the Meerkats.

Safari to the Eastern Cape in South Africa

The Eastern Cape offers the best when it comes to beaches and relaxing grounds. Located between the KwaZulu Natal and the Western Cape, it is the place to be for one who wants to relax and enjoy the cool weather found at the beaches of South Africa. Take a safari to the East Cape and enjoy the soft sand under your feet, take a walk through the Tsitsikamma forest and hike up the Drakensberg.

It also has several private Game reserves where you will be able to see the different animals and these include the Amakhala, Kwandwe, Shamwar and Lalibela game reserves.

A safari to Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga is a home to the famous Kruger National park and is also known to be on e other the beautiful places in South Africa due to it is geographical diversity. Mpumalanga is loosely translated as the place where the sun rises and it is located in the North East part of the country.

A safari to Mpumalanga is advisable as you will be able to see different wildlife, ancient stones and tunnels and enjoy the local culture practiced in the area. There are many tourist sites found in the Mpumalanga and these include The Bourke’s Luck potholes, Blyde River and the Kruger National park.

A safari to the Western Cape

The Western Cape is a home to very many tourist attraction sites and it is also a home to the Bushman’s kloff wilderness reserve which has been declared as a National Heritage site due to the prescence of the rock art sites in the area.

The Western Cape in South Africa has a lot of things that you can see when you decide to safari in South Africa and these include:

  • The cape wine lands

You will get to see the largest wine lands in Africa which are located in the towns of Franschoek and Stellenbosch. The Cape wine lands also offer beautiful scenery of the vas vine yards located in the area. Visit the area to get a feel of the area where one of the best wines in the world is produced from.

  • Cape Town

A visit to Cape town will take you through the Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens where you will be able to enjoy the nature in South Africa, visit the Table Mountain where you will be able to hike up the mountain and also enjoy the good food served at the restaurant at Table Mountain and you will also get to visit the Cape Nature Reserve where you will be able to enjoy nature walks and relax.

A safari to Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari is found in the Northern part of the country and stretches to Botswana and Namibia and it is known as the largest desert in the world. The Kalahari has been a home to the Bushmen known as the San for more than 30000 years and when you visit this place, you will be able to see the ancient carvings of the Bushmen on the rocks and also learn about their unique culture like how they survived through hunting.

You will also be able to see the different rudiment tools they used for home and hunting purposes. There is a limited population of the San in the area at the moment but they still carry out their lifestyle like though technology has not yet reached where they stay.

The desert will offer you a look into the vast orange sand dunes, the limited grassland and scattered trees and the Orange River. The banks of the Orange River are where you will be able to view the different vines blossoming and apricots.

The Kalahari National park was merged with the one in Botswana around 1999 and given one name the Transfrontier Park and it is managed by both counties. It should however be noted that the southern part of the Kalahari receives much rain as compared to the counterparts in Central and it was given the nickname of the Green Kalahari. You should not miss a safari to this glorious desert when you visit South Africa.