10 Days Best Of Uganda Safaris

Day 1: Head to Murchison Falls National Park – Stop at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary – Visit the top of the falls

At the start of the day, early in the morning, an office driver will pick you up for a trip to Uganda’s largest national park which is Murchison Falls National Park. Before setting off for the 10-day Ugandan safari tour, there will be briefing by Guide/Driver. There are 76 mammal species and over 450 bird species in this national park. In these 10 days in uganda safari you will visit several small towns and Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary en-route to this amazing park. The sanctuary was established to protect Uganda’s last remaining rhinos. With over 1,000 rhinos that used to call its large national parks home decimated by uncontrolled poaching, only a few white rhinos were left and these were moved to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. The vast sanctuary now shelters more than 30 individuals with plans already underway of reintroducing them back into national parks during this Uganda safari lasting 10 days.

After spending time with white rhinos at sanctuary you will have lunch in Masindi town before proceeding to the park. At the top of Murchison Falls is where driver takes you; here River Nile squeezes through a narrow gorge before plunging down with deafening sound leaving behind beautiful rainbow during this safari in uganda. After seeing one of Africa’s most stupefying falls, you will be driven to your lodge for showering, refreshing yourself, relaxing and resting.

Accommodation Options: Heritage Safari Lodge (Budget), Fort Murchison Lodge (Mid-range) and Paraa Safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 2 : Game drive and a Boat cruise along the Nile

Wake up early enough because it is going to be a busy day within park. After breakfast, take an early morning game drive with driver/guide during this 10 day tour of Uganda safari. Although Murchison Falls National Park is large, some parts have got high concentration of wildlife. Lions, giraffes, hyenas, elephants, buffaloes and countless antelopes should be expected to be seen in this safari in Uganda.

After game drive, return back to the lodge for lunch and rest.

In afternoon hours before sunset time; driver takes you on a boat cruise along River Nile where you will join other tourists and see unique biodiversity around this part of the Nile during this uganda safari. Hippos, crocodiles, elephants, waterbucks, birds among others shall be encountered. The boat cruise ends at the bottom of the falls which gives different view and experience.

Accommodation Options: Heritage Safari Lodge (Budget), Fort Murchison Lodge (Mid-range) and Paraa Safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 3 : Transfer to Kibale Forest – Visit the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary

Wake up at your own convenience as there is no hurry then have breakfast while waiting for Tour Guide to pick you up for long drive to Fort Portal. As you are driving to Fort Portal take time off to enjoy beautiful scenery and countryside throughout this 10 days Uganda tour safari. You will pass by small towns,districts,rivers,lakes ,forests and local peasants doing their business or attending to their gardens.Lunch will be in town of fort portal before continuing with your journey while watching Rwenzori mountain ranges that provide stunning views during this safari in Uganda.

Once the check-in is done and you freshen up, the driver will take you for a guided walk in Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary. This sanctuary is home to over 10 primate species and a rich birdlife. It also provides an excellent opportunity to meet and learn about a women’s project in Uganda during this safari.

Accommodation Options: Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse (Budget and Mid-range) & Kyaninga Lodge (Luxury).

Day 4: Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale – Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Chimpanzee tracking starts early morning after briefing, remember to wake up early for breakfast so as to catch up with the challenging task of following the chimps during this 10 days Uganda tour safari. Chimpanzees are human’s closest relatives with bonobos being their next kin but still more intelligent than gorillas although gorillas might be considered wiser. Kibale has got four habituated chimpanzee groups having it said that there is no any other place in the world where one can observe wild chimps apart from here. In addition, you will also have a chance of seeing other primates such as L’Hoest monkey, red-tailed monkeys, Uganda mangabey among others; forest mammals; birds insects ancient forests and many more during this uganda safari. They are highly mobile spending most of their time in tree tops so you may need to keep following them for best photos but once done observing chimpazees , return back at hotel for lunch then drive off to Queen Elizabeth National Park which takes two hours.

Accommodation options: Bush Lodge (Budget), Park View Safari Lodge (Mid-range) & Mweya Safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 5: Morning Game drive – Launch cruise along the Kazinga Channel

Wake up early enough to have breakfast on another eventful day .In case time is limited, pack breakfast and have it during the morning game drive along Kasenyi tract. The morning game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park on this 10 day safari in Uganda offers chances of seeing buffaloes, lions, elephants, birds, antelopes, hyenas and once in a while leopards. Compared to Serengeti or Masai Mara , Queen Elizabeth has got beautiful landscapes with green cover that still remains even when other places dry up towards the end of year .Kasenyi sector is located in open ground which helps to attract big game for easy viewing during this uganda safari.

After wildlife viewing and enjoying unique sceneries you will go back to lodge for lunch. At 2:00 pm start afternoon boat cruise along Kazinga Channel .This channel connects Lake Edward to Lake George with highest concentration of hippos in Africa.Along this channel many park animals like hippos, crocodiles and various bird species can be seen (African fish eagles, great white pelicans great cormorants African spoonbills among others).It may turn out to be the best part of your tour around park especially if visited during dry season.

Accommodation options: Bush Lodge (Budget), Park View Safari Lodge (Mid-range) & Mweya Safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 6: Maramagambo forest and Kyambura Gorge nature walk.

Rise early for a big breakfast and wait for the driver to take you to Maramagambo forest. There will be a guided walk in Maramagambo to enable participants see birds, primates, butterflies, moths, pythons and bats among others within this 10 day safari in Uganda. Some of the primate species include baboons, wild chimpanzees, red-tailed monkeys, L’hoest’s monkey, black and white colobus among others. There is safe viewing of bats and pythons with pythons going into caves to feed on bats then waiting for next meal. The driver will bring you back to the lodge after visiting Maramagambo forest where you will have lunch and rest during this safari in Uganda.

In the afternoon visit the famous Kyambura Gorge. This underground forest was created millions of years ago; after formation of great East African Rift Valley secondary faulting occurred on its floor leading to this gorge. The interior part of Kyambura Gorge has got amazing collection birds and mammals i.e. Chimpanzees are main attractions though tourists can also find hippos, elephants,birds among other smaller primates inside the gorge during this uganda safari.

Accommodation options; Bush Lodge (Budget), Park View Safari Lodge (Mid-range) ,Mweya Safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 7: Game drive to see tree climbing lions – Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Wake up at 9 am have breakfast then wait for starting journey to Bwindi impenetrable national park .On your way to Bwindi another game drive will be taken by the driver in Ishasha sector of the park during these 10 days Uganda safari.The main aim of game drive is seeing famous tree climbing lions in Ishasha. The area is not only populated by lions but also Uganda kob, elephants, buffaloes and many other antelope species. Lions can be spotted best at the midday when they would love to spend on trees tops to escape afternoon heat during this safari in Uganda.

From watching lions, continue with journey up to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with lunch en-route.Bwindi has 27 frog species,400 plant species,120 mammal species and over 350 bird species.The forest covers an area of 331 square kilometres.The drive to your lodge in Bwindi will be very interesting especially if you love nature and beautiful scenery.Expect driving past large banana plantations,tea plantations,endless forests,valleys etcetera during this uganda safari.

Accommodation Options; Rushaga Camp (Budget), Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge (Mid-range) ,Buhoma Lodge (Luxury).

Day 8: Gorilla Tracking – Visit the Batwa in Bwindi

Today will be a bustling day, so make sure you wake up by six. While having breakfast request the hotel to prepare for you a packed lunch just in case the activity goes on beyond midday. The driver will take you to the park offices so that you are there in time for briefing which starts at 7:30 am during this 10 days trip in Uganda safaris. All about gorilla trekking is covered in the briefing including gorilla groups in the sector, history of this forest and what should be expected. You will then be assigned a gorilla family with 7 other people after briefings. Hiking sticks are given by park guides who also offer porters for hire incase one has heavy luggage/cameras among others. Once everyone has gathered track these primates during this safari in Uganda.

Gorilla tracking can take between 30 minutes to 6 hours depending on the gorilla family being tracked and where they’re located on that day of trekking. Only an hour is allowed for observing them once reached. Use this time well to study group members as individuals and take some videos plus photos otherwise no one will believe that you participated into such an interesting activity during this Uganda safari.

After spending time with these animals, you are led back up to starting point where our office guide waits for your certificate of participation before driving back down again for lunch & rest at hotel late afternoon we go visit batwa pygmies of bwindi or impenetrable forest national park .The Batwa were original inhabitants forests like Bwindi, Mgahinga Volcanoes Rwanda Virunga Congo etcetera throughout those days safaris in Ugandan parks . Many were evicted from the forest reserves without compensation nor proper integration into modern life Walk through nature provides insight into their ancient way as well struggles adapting outside forest.

Accommodation Options: Rushaga Camp (Budget), Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge (Mid-range), Buhoma Lodge (Luxury).

Day 9: Transfer to Lake Mburo National Park – Afternoon boat cruise

Leave Bwindi after breakfast for Lake Mburo National Park, passing through what is commonly referred to as the “Switzerland of Africa”. Expect to drive by beautiful terraced hills, valleys and large banana plantations among others during this 10 days safari in Uganda. Lunch will be in Mbarara town before continuing to the park. Lake Mburo National Park covers an area of about 371 square kilometers and boasts over 335 bird species, zebras, buffalos, impalas, reedbucks, warthogs leopards oribi topis eland waterbucks among other animals. You will arrive in time for a two hours’ afternoon boat cruise on Lake Mburo where you will see different types of water birds hippos zebras crocodiles and most park animals drinking or bathing along the shores during this Uganda safari.

Accommodation Options: Mihingo Lodge (Upper Market), Rwakobo Rock (Mid-range), Rwonyo Rest Camp (Budget).

Day 10: Morning game drive – Return to Kampala / Entebbe

After a boat cruise yesterday, today’s activity is a typical game drive to see the park animals and appreciate the unique savannah vegetation. The morning game drive begins after breakfast, and you will have seen zebras, warthogs, giraffes, impalas, hyenas, buffalos and if you are lucky enough two leopards by the end of it during this 10 days Uganda wildlife tour safari. Lake Mburo is one of the few parks in Uganda where you can go for walking safaris as well as horseback safaris or use quad bikes for game viewing. If you do not want to use a vehicle on a game drive let us know so that we can take you through other options of viewing games while on this Uganda tour.

You will start the journey back to Kampala or Entebbe International Airport after the morning game drive. The driver will stop at equator crossing for lunch; here you get an opportunity to take photos of yourself with legs stepping on two hemispheres of earth. If you don’t have an evening flight also the driver can stop at Centre for Buganda Royal Drum Makers. The center collects some of Buganda’s finest drum makers who make giant ceremonial drums for traditional occasions and even churches during this Uganda safari.