Is Tipping Allowed On A Gorilla Safari?

Although it is not compulsory for you to tip on your gorilla trekking safari, offering a good tip indicates that you appreciate the value of services offered as well as the efforts made to make you comfortable throughout your safari. In addition, by doing so you are giving back to the native Rwandan people who stay around the park thus boosting their self-belief in sustainable tourism and wildlife conservation. Below we give you some guidelines to follow on your gorilla safari; always remember to carry small dollar notes.

Tipping for driver guides

although the driver-guide is paid an allowance by the company before the safari starts just as the culture is within the tourism sector, you are recommended to get a small appreciation ‘gift’ for him especially if his services have been very good. a tips of $10 per day per person will surely be appropriate. The driver-guide is normally tipped at the end of the gorilla safari.

Tipping for trekking guides, tracker and Rangers (security personnel)

each trek is led by a team of one (1) lead guide, two to three (2 to 3)trackers and (2-3) security personnel who receive a salary from the Uganda Wildlife Authority in Uganda or the Rwanda Tourism Development Board in Rwanda. However we advise that at the end of the trek, each person offers a tip of $40 to be shared by the team. This should be handed over to the lead guide in the presence of the entire team.

Tipping for Porters

Although porters are hired at a minimum fee of $20 from the park headquarters, they can also be tipped between $5 – $10 at the end of the gorilla tracking adventure.

Tipping Lodge Staff

The staff at the lodge are paid a salary at the end of the month, however you can always tip them $5 -$10 depending on the quality of their services. these can be awarded to an individual outstanding employee or place in a tip box normally placed at the reception (this is shared by all staff).

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