Hiking Uganda, Forest Hike Kibale Tour

Forest Hike

It’s a 12km hike and usually done in the dry seasons. The months are mid Novermber-Fedruary, June and September. Hiking helps discover the park’s assorted habitats such as river line forest, swamp, grassland and tropical rainforest. You will get an opportunity to see the different species of birds like duiker  and primates bushbuck. The nature walks usually start at 08.00 and the focal point is at Kanyanchu Visitor Centre and final touches are at the elephant wallow at 14.00.Booking in advance will be to your advantage.

Kibale Hike

Sebitoli Forest

Sebitoli is situated 12km away from Fort portal town on the Kampala-Fortportal main road. this portion of the forest provides excellent bird along with primate viewing in the moist evergreen forest with stratified tree crowns of a semi closed canopy.

Kihingani Wetland

Guided walks, just like those at Magombe, are carried out in the Kihingani wetland, simply outside the national park close to Sebitoli.