Chimps’ Nest Uganda

Chimps’ Nest is a right birder’s ecstasy.he lodge margins Kibale Forest on a gorgeous piece of land with a stunning view of Kibale Forest along with the snow capped peaks of Mount Rwenzori.The common areas that visit this place include the monkeys, chimps as well as forest elephants. The lodge is suited adjacent Nyabubale a well known village between Nkingo and Bigodi.Its just a 15 minutes drive from Kanyanchu the focal point of UWA  for chimp tracking as well as other activities in the park. The local foods grown around include pineapple, ginger jam, peanut butter, honey along with filtered coffee. Chimp’s Nest is established in a natural setting with local materials and solar energy for light. It’s acknowledged to be an eco-friendly lodge.


The accommodation is up to standard with beautiful self contained cottages, tree house in addition to family cottages. The restaurants serve both international and local cuisines with hospitable waitresses. All cottages have privacy with a perfect view of the wildlife such as birds, chimps, elephants, monkeys and Kibale forest at large.

Tourist Activities

Among the activities carried out include, Chimp tracking, Cultural heritage, Natural trail, Forest walk, Hikes at the slopes of Mount Rwenzori and Bigodi Village walk along with the discovery of the crater Lakes.